One person, one vote is a bedrock American principle.

Maine’s elections must protect this principle.

Let's Restore One Person, One Vote

Since the time Maine was founded, we have had elections which produced leaders like Margaret Chase Smith, Ed Muskie, Bill Cohen, Olympia Snowe and others. 

National leaders over the course of history came from Maine including Abraham Lincoln’s first Vice President, James G. Blaine, and Governors like Joshua Chamberlain.

Now some extreme, liberal politicians have decided to use their majority to force ranked choice voting onto the people of Maine for Presidential elections.

These activists want to destroy Maine’s past electoral success and jeopardize your vote in the upcoming President election this year!

Maine voters should not be subject to a process that so clearly violates one person, one vote and puts our voices and our votes for President in question.

Our entire nation and the Presidential election should not be subject to a complicated and time-consuming process that could tear Maine apart at the seams.

The promises supporters of ranked-choice voting made – funded with massive amounts of out-of-state-money, have been proven false:

-RCV is NOT a more fair or equal process. It allows some voters to get multiple votes, while some only get one vote.

-RCV does NOT create majority winners.  In fact some people’s ballots are “exhausted” and thrown out in the counting.

-RCV does NOT make elections more civil or cut down on negative politics.

-RCV does NOT increase participation. In fact, it serves as voter suppression.

-RCV is NOT simple. Maine’s experience shows a much higher rate of voter error and spoiled ballots.

-RCV costs our cities, towns and state more money than traditional elections.

-RCV has already been found unconstitutional in state general elections. Why should we use it anywhere?

A group of Mainers seeking to protect Maine’s elections is working to put a stop to ranked-choice voting for the Presidential election this year.

Citizens have filed filed for a PEOPLE’S VETO and now we can begin to collect signatures.

This will not be an easy task, but it can be accomplished.

Will you pitch in right now to stop RCV in Maine?

We need to collect more than 65,000 signatures of registered Maine voters to stop the implementation of this law until voters can decide in the November 2020 election.

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